I’ve been a little absent this last week because we were enjoying the beautiful beaches of Pensacola Beach, Florida.  I truly took a break and enjoyed every single moment of it.  Pensacola Beach has become a favorite place for me to vacation.  I could easily go back here every year!

Our view from the hotel
Now that we are back, I am busy unpacking, doing laundry, and starting on my ever growing To Do List in preparation for school to start in just 15 days.  I have a lot of catching up to do and want to be sure we enjoy these last days of summer.

I did get some reading done on vacation, so stayed tuned for some book reviews.  I will also be sharing photos from our vacation and the last half of our summer.

This summer has gone by fast, but I am actually looking forward to getting more structure to our days as well as the beginning of fall sports.  All three of the kids will be active this fall with Reagan in basketball, Bennett playing football, and Patrick running in Cross Country.  I’m sure the subbing dates will also start rolling in, but until then I plan to soak up time on the porch, time at the pool and a few more of those lazy days of summer!

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