School Began today.  I officially have an 8th grader, a 7th grader and a 3rd grader. Two in Middle School. YIKES! I know we will have a busy year ahead, but I am so looking forward to each and every moment.

– Reagan, Bennett and Patrick –

This was the one summer all three kids could be together in Show Choir Camp.  Patrick had the male lead and did an awesome job. The theme was Movies and Music which made it a really fun show! Songs from Footloose, Ghostbusters and Grease brought a smile to many in the crowd. We are so fortunate the kids in our area have this opportunity each summer!

Bennett turned 12 in July and we spent time celebrating with family and friends..  
He was excited to get the Nike Air socks that he has been asking for….

as well as his new John Cena shirt and hat!

We are now all ready for the football season with his NFL game board.   
He can’t wait to keep track of all the teams’ records.

Jello Cake in the summer is the perfect way to celebrate!

Bennett couldn’t wait to use his new boogie board on our vacation to Pensacola Beach.

We had lots of fun at the pool this summer.  
I enjoyed taking some photos of the boys going off the diving board!

We took in a little mini golf and all got a little better in our golf game! 

We had a visit from our Minnesota cousins and made lots of fun memories with them!
Eating good old Iowa Sweet Corn

Visiting the Kalona Cheese Factory 
and watching cheese curds being made and  then being able to eat them fresh…..MMMMmmmmmm!

Our summer was full of fun, relaxation, and building family memories.  
We also had many, gorgeous sunsets and one night I sat and captured it over the course of several minutes.  

The colors and views were amazing and my photos don’t do it justice.

I will never get tired of seeing these images out our back window. 

What a perfect way to end our summer 
and get focused on new routines, schedules, commitments, and making many more memories!

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