An Illustrated Journey Through America’s Farmland

By: Arthur Geisert

Published: May 24, 2010

On today’s farm, B is for barn cat…E is for erosion…G is for grinding feed, and I is for…inoculate?  In 26 beautifully detailed spreads, acclaimed illustrator Arthur Geisert takes readers on a literal journey following a real road in Iowa (County Road Y31) through the ins and outs of America’s farmland.  This isn’t your grandfather’s farm book. It still features pigs, hay, and other familiar farm residents, but you’ll see a very different kind of quicksand and traffic jam here…Along the bottom of each page is a continuous panorama that totals nearly forty feet of art. Country Road ABC is a unique and funny look at America’s present-day farmland.

I found this book at our library and fell in love with it.  Growing up on a farm and around farmers all my life, I just found this book to be such a delight.  Starting off with A is for ammonia fertilizer and ending with Z is for z-brace, children will learn about the everyday life of a farmer.  The illustrations depict real-life farm operations and remind me of my childhood helping on my brother-in-laws hog farm as well as my parent’s farm, driving the country roads around my home, and the “good-old days”.

I is for inoculate – How cool is that?
D is for disking.

K is for kick – hilarious and wonderful illustrations.
So, if you are looking for a book to teach your kids about farming, to share the joy of country life, or to take a drive down a country road yourself, you should definitely pick up this book.  Our kids are way beyond the age of an ABC book, yet I couldn’t resist this one! 
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  1. Julie P. on April 11, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Reminds me of my grandfather's farm! The illustrations look gorgeous!

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