As mothers, we are the barometers for our homes. 
Let’s do what we can to make each day
 a bright, sunny and peaceful day.
Kat – Blogger at Inspired to Action
What is the weather like in your home?  Is it Bright and Sunny like a Spring day? Is it Hot and Short-Tempered like a humid Summer day? Is it Cold and gloomy like the middle of Winter?  Your attitude sets the tone for everyone else in the house.  I know this because I see it happen every. single. day. If I wake up with a headache or on a short fuse, everyone else is crabby.  If I am yelling and short-tempered with everyone, I am starting everyone off on the wrong foot.  Thank goodness I have a husband who calls me on it.  I’ve been really trying to watch the “temperature” of our home and keep it bright and sunny!
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