I have always been a romantic.  I love flowers and kisses and surprises and the whole gooshy works.  I believe in the fairy tale and being swept off my feet.  But, I also know the real life.  Cooking, cleaning, parenting, running to kids activities, jobs, bills, etc.  So, when a little romance can squeak into the reality of life I get completely giddy.  
I have always told Pat that I do not want flowers for Valentine’s Day.  It is the most expensive time of year to buy flowers and for that amount of money you could buy something that lasts longer and I will appreciate more.  I’d rather have flowers other times of year and when I least expect them, like in the spring when you can buy a bouquet of tulips for $10 or a mixed bouquet for $4.99.  
This year, I have to brag a bit and say that Pat hit the romance nail on the head!  Thursday, while getting ready to sub, he brought me a latte that he made from the new milk frother he bought me.  While I was subbing at school, he made milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate covered strawberries, which we enjoyed with glasses of Moscato d’asti last night.  He got me flower……seeds, and wrote a sweet love note.  The love note itself would have been enough, but all these things together were amazing.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and absolutely blessed by the care and thought he put into my Valentine’s Day.  
I try to make it special for our kids and him every year.  So, for Pat to take the time to make me feel special was truly such a blessing to me.  We had our annual Scavenger Hunt for the kids last night and I gave him some gifts as well.  The kids were excited to read the silly clues and hunt for their surprises ending with a surprise weekend getaway at a hotel.  It truly was a evening I will remember for a long time.
Every now and then, every girl needs a bit of romance!
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