60 Days of Imperfect Progress

By: Lysa TerKeurst

Published: December 18, 2012


From Goodreads: This companion devotional to the bestselling book Unglued provides encouragement to help readers handle emotional struggles. Including a daily opening Scripture, Thought for the Day, devotion, and closing prayer, this book helps readers begin a 60-day journey in learning to positively process raw emotions, such as fear, anger, and regret.

Have you ever come unglued?  On your children? On your spouse?  Um, yeah, I have.  I’m certainly not perfect and sometimes life, chaos, hectic schedules, and stress can all exaggerate your feelings of helplessness.  Eventually become so irritated that you become someone you don’t want to be.  

In this devotional, you take 60 days to read and force yourself to get at the source of your emotions.  This isn’t easy work or light-hearted.  It is personal, convicting, merciful, and full of grace.  Through stories and scripture, you will look at how you react to situations and learn your weaknesses.  Then you can begin to focus on your new way of coping.  Daily prayer is also a must in this new way of life.

The thought for Day 60 summed it up well for me, “I want to be an uncommon calm in the midst of chaos and an example of peace for my kids in a world of pressure.”  Yes, I want this and making the effort to have a calm home and smooth mornings are a priority.

I also appreciated the quiz that tests your reaction type.  It didn’t surprise me that I am an Internal Processor/Internal Suppressor. It means I am a Stuffer that Builds Barriers and yet a Peacemaker.  Gosh, does that describe me to a T!  What I need to find is a balance of stuffing and exploding that helps manage my stress and emotions better.  I tend to stuff my frustrations until they end up overflowing like a volcano! Not a good way to live and not the kind of person anyone wants to be around.  This book offers tools, advice, and hope for handling your emotions.

If you feel like your emotions are on the edge, you are easily irritated, or quick to criticize, this book and it’s companion UNGLUED may be just what you need.   Both the book UNGLUED and this devotional would make an excellent choice for a Bible Study or Women’s group.  There is also a DVD available for study purposes.  Additional resources can be found at www.UngluedBook.com

Lysa TerKeurst is an author and national speaker who helps everyday women live an adventure of faith.  She is the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  She is also the author of more than a dozen books including MADE TO CRAVE, a book to help deal with our food cravings. 

Check out www.LysaTerKeurst.com for more on her story as well as numerous freebies like a Teen Driver Contract and daily inspiration.  

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