School began for us.  The kids had a full week….except for Reagan who started getting sick on Wednesday, ran a fever Wednesday night and stayed home on Thursday. I think allergies turned into a nasty cold.  

Patrick – 7th Grade

Bennett – 6th Grade

Reagan – 2nd Grade

Because we are a large (in square miles) district, this year we have all 3 kids in 3 different school buildings.  It made open house night interesting and will keep us very busy with all their activities.  It was already a week of adjusting to no more family meals.  Patrick has Cross-Country practice after school until 6pm and Bennett goes to practice at 6pm for football.  The boys don’t even see each other until 8pm.  So, I am making several suppers and trying to keep everyone happy. With this schedule it at least makes the week go by fast.

Oh my, these years are going by so fast.  Trying to cherish all the moments.
Bennett was having a little fun posing before heading off to football practice.

This may not be a big deal to most of you, but for us it was.  Patrick ate the WHOLE BURGER at Culver’s. Patrick is a picky eater and has trouble with aversions to certain foods.  So, this was pretty exciting and he sure enjoyed his ice cream after eating this burger!
We had a nice, relaxing weekend.  
I loved this sunset because it looks like we have mountains off to the west.  Hey, I can dream a little, right???

I spent a lot of time on my porch reading, listening to music, chatting with friends, and relaxing.  
I know those days and weekends are very limited and I am soaking up every moment of it.

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