Patrick turned 12 on Wednesday as you may have read in an earlier post.  One of the things he is most excited about with being 12, is being able to finally sit in the front seat of the van!  It will be different to have someone riding next to me now….where will I set all my stuff now with the front seat being taken up with a person?????

 Patrick is a huge Miami Heat fan and I found a LeBron James rookie card for his birthday!  Yep, I am the cool mom!

Of course, he also wanted NBA 2K12.  He LOVES basketball!

But, the gift that stole the show was this LeBron James jersey! Happy Birthday, Patrick!

Reagan had her dance recital on Saturday.  She did a beautiful job and looked so pretty in her costume!  I was so glad my parents were able to come to the recital.  My mom had gotten ill on Friday and needed to go to the emergency room.  After running some tests and having an x-ray, they found a large mass on her lung as well as smaller ones.  This was totally unrelated to her illness and kind of a fluke that they were even found.  So, having mom come to the recital the very next day when she wasn’t feeling well, meant a lot to Reagan and me.  
After spending all day yesterday with doctors and specialists, I am going to take this opportunity to ask for prayers for my mom.  The doctors believe her masses are cysts and her type of cysts are actually rare.  These are usually not cancerous, but more tests need to be done to be sure.  Also, because of the size and location of her 7 cm mass, there is some concern and the hope that it can be drained.  So, a biopsy will be done in a few weeks to test the fluid in the cyst as well as hopefully drain it to reduce the size.  I pray that the procedure goes smoothly and without complication and we get the proper care needed to take care of these.  I also pray that her other medical condition that brought her to the ER in the first place is remedied and she is feeling back to normal again.
I think we all take our health for granted, and then it is times like this that we are reminded that every day we are pain free, healthy, and energetic are blessings.  Tell those you love how important they are to you and be thankful for your health.
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  1. bermudaonion on April 26, 2012 at 7:47 pm

    Being with y'all probably made your mom feel better. I'll pray for her.

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