I had an entire day at home today.  After sitting on the sofa, sipping my coffee, IMing with my cousin and watching Kelly Ripa, I thought it was high time I get busy and accomplish something.  I just want to make sure that those of you that think SAHMs eat bon bons all day, realize that our life is MUCH more than that! 
  • Nine loads of laundry – All the organizing and cleaning experts say to do one load of laundry per day, but I personally like to do it all in one day….Then I am set for a few days.

  • Baked some chocolate chip/m&m bars for the school pre-concert dinner tomorrow night…..and licked the beater clean! Nothing better than cookie batter and no one here to see you lick it clean!

  • Watched 3 episodes of GLEE so now I am all caught up for the new episodes….it only took me 6 months to watch 2 1/2 seasons!  Can’t wait to watch it in real time!

  • Vacuumed the living room, swept the kitchen, and emptied the dishwasher….yeah, I decided to really go overboard today!

  • Played some online scrabble. Don’t judge me, it is a must. Every. Single. Day.
  • Entertained a friend with a gourmet plate of cheese, sausage and crackers…..ok, maybe not gourmet, unless Market Pantry monterrey jack cheese and Toasted Buttercrisp crackers are gourmet.
  • Drank some HAPPY CAMPER wine…It makes you HaPpY! 🙂

For real, I have had some crazy busy days, and today was an actual day at home with not much on my “To Do” list and I took advantage of it.  Was there other stuff I could have done?  YES! But, don’t we all just need a day?  I did enough to not feel like I wasted the day, but still enjoyed myself! That makes for a good Monday!  I am gonna close it out by watching the new FOOTLOOSE movie.  Yep,a good day!

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