After coming home from Minnesota, I gave Reagan these hair curlers we had found in a shop.  They are called  Curl Upand are heart-shaped sponges that you roll your wet hair into.  Then you just sleep in them and wake up in the morning with gorgeous curls.  Well, Reagan’s hair is so fine, by 2AM, they had all fallen out and she didn’t have many curls in her hair in the morning.  I have yet to try them out in my hair.  But, I thought she looked so cute with these curls in her hair when she went off to bed!
On Wednesdays, my friend, April and I run an after school program at our church called JAMS (Jesus And Music Serves).  We usually get about 24 kids from Kindergarten through 6th Grade.  This week, we had a donation of money to purchase pizza for our snack.  The kids were super excited and posed for this picture.  I am so proud of all that our church members do to help us continue this program.  These are some awesome kids who come each week to hear that Jesus Loves Each of Them and learn about ways they can share that love with others.  We couldn’t provide this program without the support of many volunteers who help with snack and carrying out the programs, to those who provide financially for our needs, to those who pray for the children, and to the parents who allow their children to come.  Each one of them are a blessing!
Wednesday was kind of a busy and overwhelming day for our family as we started the morning by having our beloved cat, Buddy put down.  You can read more about that, HERE.  Since the kids wanted to have a funeral for Buddy on Wednesday, we needed a quick and easy supper.  So, I pulled out all our cereal boxes (yes, we have a bunch) and got out the milk and some banana bread I had made and layed it all on the table.  The kids were so excited and kept saying how fun it was to have cereal for supper.  We will definitely have to do that again!

After our funeral for Buddy, we stayed outside, playing and hanging out since it was such a gorgeous evening.  We were blessed by the amazing sunset that played out before us. 

Friday night was our school carnival.  Reagan was excited about getting her face painted and getting a pink puppy balloon.  What a fun night.  Our PTO did an awesome job finding new and fun ways to have fun and we had a great time!
We were blessed with some amazing summer-like weather this week.  I know it won’t last and we will likely go back to some cooler temperatures before summer arrives, but until then I am enjoying every minute I can….windows open, flip flops on, and sitting on the porch soaking up the sun!
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