I just realized this weekend that Tuesday is Valentine’s Day.  It isn’t that it hasn’t been on my radar….it was just that last week was so busy, it kind of got pushed to the back of my mind.  I knew it was coming up, but now packages are going to arrive late in the mail and I am upset about that.  Hopefully those getting “Love Gifts” from me will understand!

So, here are some scenes from our busy week…..

The week started with a football game….the SUPER BOWL.  Every year we enjoy sharing the evening with friends and family and cheering our team on.  This year all of us were cheering for the Giants except for Bennett.  We had lots of great food and fun times!

Our Saturday morning was spent watching more basketball.  The boys really played well this week and have showed a lot of improvement in their skills.  Here is Patrick is going up for a shot and bringing the ball up the court.

They got 2nd place in the tournament.  Patrick was pretty excited to get his own trophy!

Reagan and I got to watch our niece, Ali perform in our school’s Touch of Class Show Choir Competition.  Our school and community comes together to put on this amazing competition and I am proud to be a part of it.  Ali hung out with us after their performance and while waiting to see if they made the finals. Reagan was so excited to watch her and spend some time with her. I’m not sure Reagan realizes that very soon Ali will be going off to college and we won’t see her as often.  That will be a tough day for her!

Ali (in the center) performing during the finals. They placed third out of fourteen teams.  We were very proud of their performances and I am so glad I got watch them and cheer them on!

 Don’t forget to share your love with all those close to you this week.  Did you know it is also RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS week?  What random act will you perform?????

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