We had a birthday in our house this week.  Our baby girl, Reagan turned 7!  It seems like just yesterday, Pat and I were in the hospital room, patiently waiting for our miracle girl to arrive.  The epidural was doing its job and we were tuning into an episode of DR PHIL.  Then all of a sudden everything changed, the epidural quit doing its job and it was time to deliver.  Reagan was born at 3:58 pm on January 11th.  And seven years later, we continued to be blessed every day by her sweet, kind and generous personality.

She took #7 cookies to school for her treats!

She asked for flowers and she got them! Aren’t they both gorgeous?!

She loves Hello Kitty

Comfy Hello Kitty PJ’s. I wish I had a pair!

She wanted me to get a strawberry cake and luckily I found this one at HyVee
. It was just the perfect size for our family, decorated perfectly for her and the best part….Berry! It was yummy!

Reagan had friends over Friday night and they made Shrinky Dink bracelets.
Remember Shrinky Dinks????  Oh how I loved them as a kid!
We also had a little nail salon going on Friday night with the girls!  
It wasn’t all about Reagan this week, Patrick had a basketball tournament too.  

It was a full week and we even got our first snowfall of the season.  We are looking forward to another busy week ahead that starts with a  lazy day at home on Monday! Have a great week everyone!

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