Reagan got the new LEGO FRIENDS CAFE set for her birthday.  If you haven’t seen this new LEGO series yet, check it out HERE.  They are brand new to LEGO and are perfect for your daughter who always wants to help her brothers with their LEGO sets.  We got Reagan the LEGO Pink Bucket a couple years ago because she was always wanting to mess with the boys’ legos.  But, this new series is even better.  She has a booklet of instructions and can actually build the set all by herself!  She built the cafe in just a little over an hour with very little help from dad or I.  She was so proud to have built it and loved the girl figures that came with it.  She played with the set for quite awhile acting out a whole cafe scene!  Isn’t that what Legos are supposed to do….inspire imagination???!!!

There are many other sets in this new Friends Series to check out and all are reasonably priced compared with some of the sets we have gotten for the boys.  The cafe set is $29.99, Beauty Shop $24.99 and the Vet (seen below) is $39.99. There are also smaller sets that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or Easter Baskets!

LEGO has always been huge deal in our house.  My husband even still has his LEGOS from childhood.  We look forward to building with this new series and making LEGO memories with our daughter as well.  I am hoping they will come out with a LEGO FRIENDS Advent Calendar next year!!!  What do you think, LEGO?????  We will be traveling to the Mall of America in a couple weeks and I know that the LEGO Store will be one of our first stops!

Way to go LEGO for creating a set that allows girls to create and imagine in their own little “girly” worlds!

Lego has no idea who I am.  I am getting no benefit what-so-ever from this review.  I just love them and want to share that love with all of you.  This is my honest opinion and I wouldn’t review anything that wouldn’t benefit myself or my family.

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