Last year I could have done better at some things, yet I followed through on other things.  I completely ignored some items on my list, and yet amazed myself with my effort on others.  I think that sounds about right for most people.

Some things I am really proud of from 2011:

We chose each of our children to be a special kid for the month.  Every month (they each got 4 months with one of them being their birthday month) one of the kids got to have a “date” with mom and a “date” with dad.  We went out to eat and then usually did something else, maybe a stop at Target, out for ice cream, played a game, or just had some one on one time to chat.  Some months we were down to the wire getting our dates in and even one time we had to carry over into the next month, but these times with each of our children was a priority.  It was nice to be able to be alone with that child and give them our full attention.  It was nice to have those chats that we can’t have when there are the constant interruptions of every day life.  It was fun for them to get to chose where they wanted to eat.  It was a special time and I look forward to continuing this tradtion in 2012.

I will continue with daily prayer and really focusing it on others.  I saw some prayers answered and others answered in unexpected ways in this last year.  I am going to continue this in 2012 by focusing on one person each day.  I have a calendar and I plan to write that person’s name in for a day and then pray for them.  It may be because they are on my mind.  It may be because I have been alerted to a need.  It may be because it is their birthday or some other significant day.  But, each day I plan to focus on one person and pray for them throughout that day.

THE. TREADMILL.  Umm, yeah, that has really slacked off lately. Well, frankly, it has become non-existent.  But, I vow to get back on it and really make some changes to my weight.  On my 40 By 40 Challenge, I vowed to lose 20 pounds by the time I turn 40.  I have 10 months to do it.  It won’t happen by sitting around doing nothing.  I must get back at it! I’ve lost 5 lbs so far and with my cousin, Melanie as my accountability partner, the final 15 (or shoot maybe even more) should come off!

In the blogging world, I plan to keep at what I am doing.  Some reviews, some inspiration, some snippets from our life, and some things to make you smile!  I am not going to pressure myself into regular features except for those that are part of my 40 By 40 Challenge.  Thanks to all of you who check in, share and read what I write throughout the year.

 I have really been excited about my 40 By 40 Challenge and have already knocked several items off of my list.  With 10 months to go, I have no doubt that all will be completed.  To see my challenge list and the updates, check it out HERE.

I hope that 2012 is….
full of all the blessings you can imagine,
smiles you can’t contain,
and laughter that overflows. 

Happy New Year!

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