Last spring my husband and I visited the Eagles Landing Winery in Marquette, IA.  I really wanted to try their wines because one of their vineyards is very close to my parents home.  The first acre was planted in 1999 and has since grown to 3 acres in size.  They currently produce 4500 cases per year.  Their goal is not to be the biggest winery in Iowa, just the best. 

photo courtesy of Eagles Landing

As I was going through the wine fridge a couple nights a go, I found a bottle of Oktoberfest, which I had totally forgotten that we had.  We had brought it home after our visit there and has been in the fridge since. Oktoberfest is a white wine.  It is a special blend of fragrant & aromatic white grapes (Edelweiss, Muscat) and makes a sweet, seductive harvest wine.   It earned a Gold Medal at the 2011 Tasters Guild International. It sells for $9.95/bottle and is available in numerous Iowa stores as well as Wisconsin.  I really like the light sweet flavor of the wine.  Perfect to enjoy while cooking or during a relaxing evening.  I will have to stock up on some more Oktoberfest soon. 

photo courtesy of Eagles Landing
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