I had such a fun day today.  I met my friend for coffee, which turned into 4 hours later we realized we better get on with our day!  I always enjoy my time with her and I really feel like she lifted my spirits and I hope I did hers too.  It is nice to bounce off mom/kid issues with each other and we can totally relate.  
After my 4 hour coffee, I rushed over to my favorite gift/decor shop to pick up a fall gift for my Secret Pal at church.  The person I have, had me a couple years ago and SPOILED me.  So, I am trying to repay the kindness by finding neat things to surprise her with.  While shopping I also found her Christmas present so I am super excited to have that checked off my list.  I will be dropping off her gift for her to find tomorrow!
Tonight I am going through some photos that I know my mom wants copies of and getting them uploaded and ordered from Shutterfly.com.  I know how much she will appreciate having these copies next time I see her.  
Tomorrow is my final day of the 10-Day Give.  It is a hectic day and not sure how I will get my GIVE in, but I will find something!  
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