Today I was able to spend my entire day (while the kids were in school) at home.  So, I took that opportunity to CLEAN OUR HOUSE. It was way beyond the “NEED” stage and was at the “CATASTROPHIC” stage.  I scrubbed floors, vacuumed in corners, and dusted every single item on shelves.  I feel so much better.  The house looks nice….at least for the next couple hours.  So, I guess you could say I gave my family (and myself) a clean house today.  My parents are coming tomorrow, so they can at least come and enjoy my clean house too.
After all my cleaning was done, I made some cookies to have after school and in case any of our friends come over before or after the football game, which usually happens.  The cookies incorporate two of my favorite things, pumpkin and white chocolate, so I just had to try them.  They are super moist and have just the right amount of pumpkin flavor.  They are delish.  Click the link to find the recipe for these great cookies,
Tonight we will be cheering on our local football team and hanging out with friends.  It is a beautiful, fall night and I am blessed to be able to enjoy it!
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