Since yesterday was my birthday and I received many gifts from others, I took the day off from the 10-Day Give.  So, today is my Day 3 of the 10-Day Give. 

Today we had a funeral at our church.  I spent the morning making sandwiches and preparing food for the funeral luncheon.  Then I served during the luncheon and cleaned up.  It was a priviledge to give up my day to serve a wonderful family in this way. 

Tonight we attended our niece, Ali’s volleyball game.  We finally had a night that worked in our schedule to be able to attend one of her games and I am so glad we did.  It was Senior and Parent’s Night, so she was honored for both.  She and two other seniors also sang the Nation Anthem before the game which was AWESOME!  She definitely is a talented young woman and we were proud to be there for her tonight. 

Are you also participating in the 10-Day Give?  What did you give you someone today?

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