Today we are officially the parents of a 6th Grader, 5th Grader and a 1st Grader.  I know everyone says it, but my how the time flies!  Even though we had the most summer days ever, it still seemed to go by in a flash.  We didn’t get everything done that we wanted to, but we can hopefully fit some things in on weekends before it gets too cool out.

Some of our highlights from the summer:
-Our day at Adventureland Park and weekend in Des Moines

Waiting for the train at Adventureland

 -Reagan’s first season of T-Ball and the boys baseball games
-Many nights just hanging out with our good friends and their kids.
-Traveling to Northern Minnesota for a weekend with our cousins at their cabin!

The kids’ first dip in the lake

Me with one of my favorite people in the world – My cousin, Melanie

Love these kids!

 – Weekend celebrating my parent’s 55th Wedding Anniversary
-Enjoying spending afternoons and evenings sitting in our new screened in porch!

 And now, the school year has begun.  I have my days back-for now-until the school starts calling me for subbing.  This year I don’t plan to do any long-term sub jobs, so am hoping to have a year to focus on my priorities.  I am going to try to get “caught up” here at home, do some reading, some more blogging, and hopefully some lunch dates with Pat.  Tomorrow, I am going to THE HELP with a couple girlfriends and I can’t wait!!!  And so it begins……………………..

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