This weekend we celebrated my parent’s 55th Wedding Anniversary.  We traveled to the home I grew up in on Friday night and spent the weekend.  I ended up sitting up late with my parents Friday night talking and hearing stories that I had never heard before.  Then on Saturday my 2 sisters and their children and grandchildren came over.  Even though there were a few short rain showers to deal with, the kids didn’t seem to mind.  They continued to play, even in the rain!  Two of the grandkids weren’t able to make it, but all the great grandkids were there.  The grandkids range in age from 6 years-30+ years and the great grandkids range in age from 3 weeks-11 years.  As you can imagine, there was a lot of activity!  The kids loved splashing around in the sprinkler and wading pool and then running to the soft-serve ice cream machine for a cone or dish of ice cream.  Yes, my parents have a soft serve ice cream machine!!  My mom LOVES ice cream and is always looking for a reason to start that machine up!

My parents

Our family with my parents

 Saturday night ended with a bonfire and smores!  I asked mom what she remembered most about their wedding day.  She said it was well over 100 degrees that day and everyone was so hot.  She remembers the best man passing out.  She remembers being chivareed (sp?) Chivaree is an old custom to welcome the newlyweds to their home by doing things like taking all the soup can labels off, shortsheeting the beds, moving furniture outside, etc.  My mom had bought several flats of peaches to can and they ate all my mom’s peaches which she wasn’t happy about!  Mom also said it was special to have her mom there for her wedding.  My grandma was only able to see her oldest of 5 daughters get married as she passed away one month before my parent’s one year anniversary.

Sunday morning was full of more delicious food.  Mom made her famous cinnamon rolls, and there were pancakes and bacon.  And, of course, we had to finish up the ice cream that was in the machine!! It was the perfect ending to a great weekend. 

I know how blessed I am to have both my parents with us and still married.  It seems to be a rarity in our world today.  My husband and I will have to still be married in 2054 at the ages of 84 and 82 to enjoy our 55th.  I can only hope and pray that happens!  Mom and Dad didn’t have it easy in their early years and I can admit that I didn’t make life easy for them when I was growing up.  But, I know I saw in their eyes this weekend, how proud they are of their family.  All they wanted was for all of us to be together and that is just what they got!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and here’s to many more!

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