This morning we had to get up WAY TOO EARLY for our final soccer games of the season.  And, true to form, it started raining as soon as we got there.  It rained all the way through both of our games and everyone came home muddy, soaking wet, and glad we have one less thing on our list.  I figured it was going to be a day stuck inside and maybe catching up on some projects.

But, then at 1:00, the sun came out, it started warming up and turned out to be a beautiful Saturday.  After taking our daughter to a birthday party, we played a little yard-baseball, some pick-up basketball and bocce ball with the boys.  While I was outside I noticed my neighbors rhubarb patch that I hadn’t gotten into yet.  So, I went over and picked a bunch and decided to make a Rhubarb Crisp that is easy and yummy.  I posted it over 3 years ago HERE.  It is always delicious and even better with ice cream!  What a perfect way to end a great family day!

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  1. Annesphamily on May 22, 2011 at 12:35 am

    Your recipe sounds wonderful! We have had a lot of rain. Today was a gorgeous sunny day for a change! Have a terrific weekend! Anne

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