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This is my feature where I get to share something that I just love. Since you are my friends, I like sharing things I love with others. It could be anything from a new product, food, recipe, song, image, to a person and everything in between. This will be something I am completely doing on my own, without pressure or compensation from a company, author, PR/Marketing firm, friend, business owner, etc. This will just be something that makes me happy and I want to share it with you. Enjoy some love!

Today’s love is……………………………Reading the Newspaper!
I love to read the newspaper.  I read every section…the local news, the national news, the obituaries, the lifestyle section, and of course the comics!  I like to be knowledgable about what is going on around us and in the world.  I like that I can get more of the story than I may get in a 30 second TV news segment.  Yes, I know that I can go online and read news articles.  I know that on TV or online I am getting the most up-to-date news, but I like having our daily newspaper delivered to our door step each morning.  I like opening the paper and feeling it between my fingers.  And if I ever need that up-to-the minute news item, I know where to find it!

I think part of the reason why I love reading the newspaper so much is that my dad was a copy editor at our local weekly small town paper when I was growing up.  He worked there for 25 years and worked there long before computers. I remember as a child, going in to the paper office and seeing this HUGE machine and asking dad what it was and he said it was their new computer.  Seriously, it could have filled half my kitchen!  I loved watching him lay out the newspaper and going into the dark room with him.  Dark room, that is another thing we don’t hear about anymore!  Geesh!  He made so many friends and contacts by working at the newspaper and saw and heard things that many don’t get to see.  So, for my dad and for all the other reporters and small town newspapers…..I am going to continue to subscribe and read my local and my hometown weekly newspapers, and our city daily newspaper as long as I can read! 

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