Today I had to let something that I love doing go.  It was a tough decision, but for my own sanity I decided I had to drop it.  I am not someone to quit things, especially things that I have committed to.  But, then I committ to other things, and then something else comes up, and then someone else needs me, etc.  So, unfortunately, because it was the one that needed me the least, the one that was the most time consuming, and the one that I was going to have to stop doing in March anyway, I ended it today.  It was sad to say goodbye to my friends there today, but as I left, I also felt a little relieved.  I am hoping next year I can get it back into my routine, but at this point, I had to make the decision for me.

How do you handle committments and yet maintain a balanced personal and family life?  I know that I need to learn to say “No” more, but when you live in a small town, go to a small church, and feel like you have God-Given talents to put towards something, it is hard to say “No”. 

I saw a brief piece on OPRAH a few weeks ago and Wynonna Judd was on the show.  They were discussing Wynonna’s life and she said she had started telling people, “That doesn’t work for me right now.” It was a light-bulb moment for Oprah and it actually was for me too.  It isn’t a “No”, and not a maybe or an I’ll get back to you.  I may have to try that line next time I feel a bit over-committed. 

Tonight we found out our oldest son made the honor band.  Only two 5th graders from our whole school district were chosen and he was one of them.  He plays percussion and apparently does it quite well.  He will spend an entire Saturday with kids from all over the area and then put on a concert that evening.  He is pretty excited and we, of course, are very proud parents!  He has always been musically gifted, remembering lyrics to songs after hearing them one time, always being on beat, and picking up the piano very quickly.  He amazes us daily by going over to the piano after hearing a song on a commercial or on the radio and sitting down and playing it.  I have played the piano since I was five, but I can’t do that.  I can read any music, but can’t play a song by sound.  I have no idea where God is going to use his musical abilities, but I know that there can only be good to come!

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