Today I received a little blessing in the form of rain.  It had nothing to do with farming, crops, flowers, or anything else that might need rain.  It had to do with giving our family a night off.  Tuesday nights are usually filled with soccer practice for our daughter and football practice for our 2 boys.  We haven’t been able to eat supper before 8:00 PM for many nights.  (I choose to wait until all of us are home and seated at the table to eat together.  I think it is important and something our family needs.)  This afternoon we got a heavy thunderstorm that soaked our football and soccer fields and all coaches decided to call off practice.  It felt so good to come home, be able to slow down some, spend time helping the kids with homework, making a meal that was eaten at 6:30, and still have time for fun and relaxation before bedtime.  These days are few and far between right now, and I was very thankful for this blessing of rain today.

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