Nine years ago today, our son, Bennett easily came into this world and has been a daily joy ever since.  He arrived 2 1/2 weeks early during a week of very hot temperatures.  I wasn’t quite ready for his delivery, but off to the hospital we went and he gave me a smooth and easy delivery.  No pain, no difficulties.  Kind of like how he is now.  He is our pleaser and wants everyone to be happy.  Always smiling and giggling.  He is always worried about others and their feelings.  He wants to be friends with everyone and takes it to heart when someone is mad at him.  He has such a good heart, that I know he will make a great husband and father some day.
So, today is all about Bennett. We were planning to go to the pool, but the rain has changed our plans to Chuck E Cheese and then out for dinner and back home for presents and ice cream.  Sometimes summer birthdays can be tough as things are hectic, but it is certainly nice to take a day and have some fun celebrating one of my favorite people! Happy Birthday Bennett!
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