The last several days I have spent a considerable amount of time worrying about something.  I finally decided to discuss it with my husband and I did feel a little better getting it off my shoulders.  But, I still worried.  Then I realized how silly I was being.  Of course, I needed to go to God with my worries.  So, I slipped away and prayed to God about my worries.  I prayed that he would take the stress off of my shoulders, I prayed about how I would like to see the end result, but most importantly I prayed for God’s will.  I wanted Him to know that no matter what, His plan is in full-force and not even I can stop that.  So, even though I knew what I wanted to happenI was prepared for whatever God had in His plan for me.  I knew that if “he was going to bring me to it, he would bring me through it”.  I felt so much relief and peace after that prayer.  I felt lighter.  I am such a worry-wart and have tried to be better at it, but somethings really get me all worked up.  Thankfully, God’s plan and my plan were the same…this time….and I no longer need to worry.  Fortunately, this lesson has taught me and reminded me that I need to go to God with my worries first and foremost.  He is here for me at anytime, for any reason and He will listen to me.  So what have you been worrying about?  Stop right now and go to Him with your worries.  Let him shoulder your worries for you. 

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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