Today I have a cold that has kicked me in the head.  I am exhausted, stuffed up, and can’t get rid of my headache.  We had a early dismissal at school today and I felt guilty because I was just laying around and not doing anything with the kids.  Then, all of a sudden, our 8-year-old, Bennett came over to me, gave me a big hug and said, “You’re the best Mom ever!”  Not feeling like the best-mom-ever, I replied, “Why?”  Bennett said, “Because you’re MY mom!”  Now that just melted my heart and sent the tears gushing out of my eyes!  He said, “I love you, Mom.”  I said, “I love you more!”  And then he said, “Yeah, you’re probably right.”

Nothing compares to being a mom.  Nothing compares to the love you feel for your child.  And nothing compares to that feeling when they melt your heart!  I love you, Benny!

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