Day 9: As I mentioned on my first day of the 10-Day give, I give the storytime at our library. Today there was a conference to teach librarians about how to add music to storytimes. So, the local library paid for me to attend the program. The drive to the conference was 45 minutes each way, and I spent most of the drive there and home, praying for people that have been on my mind. I basically went through the people in my life and said prayers for them based on their personal struggles or whatever hit me at that moment to pray for. It was a peaceful trip each way and I enjoyed that time with Jesus. Then that night I was the receiver of giving. My brother-in-law took my husband and I and some of his adult children out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. We had such an enjoyable evening and even though I was the receiver, I made sure that he knew how much I appreciated the evening and the delicious food and drinks and even cheesecake for dessert!
Day 10: Today turned out to be a very cold day here in Iowa. In fact, we woke up to snow falling outside….on October 10th! Ugh! As much as I wanted to stay in my cozy house and snuggle on the couch, we all bundled up and went to watch our son Bennett play soccer. I know how said he would have been if I had told him that I was going to stay home. Thank goodness the game was only an hour and then we could head back to our warm house. This afternoon I had our friends kids come over to play while the parents and my husband worked on insulating their addition to their home. I knew how much our kids would enjoy and afternoon playdate and how much they would appreciate having the kids out of the way of their work. I also had made homemade potato soup for supper and our family enjoyed eating it while we watched the Hawkeye’s beat Michigan that night!
So, over the course of these 10 days, there was no ground breaking gift that was given. I just tried to give a piece of myself to those who are part of my life each and every day. I wanted to end the 10-days with those whom I care about knowing how special they are to me. I hope I accomplished that.
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