When I became a mom, I quickly realized that I was a lot like the Energizer Bunny. I could be up all night with a crying baby and still keep going all day long with a baby and a toddler and start all over again. And, I am still going and going and going….

The Energizer Bunny is celebrating its 20th Birthday. Can you believe that cute bunny has been around that long? We are definately an Energizer family. We buy our Energizer AA batteries in bulk from Sam’s and we also use the rechargable Energizers for Reagan’s Leapster and my camera.

The Energizer Bunny is now of FACEBOOK! You can become a fan and keep up with all the bunny is doing! As a fan, you will be the first to know what is going on with the Energizer Bunny and be in on all the latest deals and promotions. There is also a Mother’s Day E Card on its FACEBOOK page that you can send out to all the Energizer Bunny moms in your life! Click this link to become a fan and be in on the latest scoop!

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