I received an ARC of this book and it is available in stores today. This is a Young Readers Book recommended for ages 12 and up.
From the back of the book: One twin has the power to see into the future, one to see deep into the past. Mally and Merry Brynn thought that with the death of David Jellico, their nightmarish visions of the future and past were gone for good. Now, Merry’s only worries revolve around cheer tryouts, and Mally has slipped back into her homebody, tom-boy ways. Then a cheerleader lands in the hospital. And a mysterious, beautiful mountain lion is maimed. When they begin to suspect their friend Eden’s involvement in both events, Merry and Mally are catapulted back into a world of visions that they do not yet understand. And this time, they must race to prevent the people they love most from unspeakable tragedy.
This is the second in the Midnight Twins series and I have not read the first one, which I think would have been helpful to understanding the characters more. I found the book very confusing in the beginning and hard to keep the characters straight. But, once I got into a third of the way into the story, it was easier. I tried to imagine myself as a teenager reading this book and think that teen girls would love this story. The author does an excellent job of keeping it current with the teens communicating through texting and with Mallory playing soccer. I also thought her descriptions of their first kisses and feelings of “love” were quite accurate and believable. The story involves the American Indian legend of a “shape shifter” and I found it quite interesting, but again, did make it confusing at times. As a mom, I enjoyed the storyline of Campbell (the mom) and her decisions for her and her family’s future. The writing was very descriptive and I could easily imagine the Ridgeline wilderness and imagine myself skiing through the woods as Mallory did. I love the Pow Wow and all the stories and intricate details to describe the clothing and traditions and the Cree Indians. Although the storyline ends sadly for some characters, for others I think it sparks a new beginning and easily will flow into a new adventure for a possible third novel in the series. The “white lion” is still out there.
Again, I think teen girls would enjoy the story, but I do recommend reading the first in the series titled The Midnight Twins. I would give this 3.5 stars. Thanks to Penguin Group and Jacquelyn Mitchard for the opportunity to read this story.

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