As a stay at home mom, I am frequently asked to help out with various activites in our community, at church, to help a friend/family member, etc. A couple weeks ago I was asked to give my time to an organization that I truly enjoy. It was so difficult for me because I really wanted to do it, but just didn’t know how I could fit one more thing into my schedule. I prayed about it and found in my Bible Study that I was doing that week, that even though God commands you to give of your time, your talents, and your service, He also wants you to do them well. I realized then, if I added one more thing to my list, I wouldn’t be able to do any of them well. So, I said “NO” (which was really hard for me) and said to try me again in the fall when my schedule will free up a bit. Then a few days later I received something in my email inbox that I wanted to share with you. I got this from the gal that runs I just love her products and I feature her blog in my list below.

B.U.S.Y. stands for Before U Say Yes…Busy Mom’s make good choices, so Before U Say Yes, ask yourself:
Am I saying yes bcause I would feel guilty if I said no?
Is my gut reaction, “How can I get out of this?
Am I saying yes because I’m the mom who always says yes?
Am I saying yes only because my friends said yes?
Will saying yes bring stress to my family life?
When it’s done, will I just be glad that it’s over?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, reconsider saying yes to this request on your time. Remember: It’s OK to say “NO”. Saying “NO” is saying “YES” to U.

Wow, that was such an eye opener for me. Some of the activities I am involved in add stress to my life and make me say, I am glad that is over. So, why do I do it???? I am someone who follows through once I have committed to something, so I will be sticking everything out and completing all projects, but will not be recommitting to them once my time is done. When I was deciding whether to add this committment to my schedule, I made of list of all my committments and I had 15 of them! YIKES! No wonder some weeks, I just want to scream. I am a bit overbooked and I am aware that my family suffers, at times, because of that. So, I put the B.U.S.Y. sheet on my fridge right next to my calendar, so next time I get a phone call requesting my time, I can ask myself these questions and give an answer I can live with.

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