Five years ago, on another Saturday morning, I was sitting at the table having breakfast, reading the paper while our 2 and 3 year olds were playing. My husband had left for his office to do some work. We had just had a fun night of trick-or-treating with my husband’s family and found out that not just us, but his brother and his wife were pregnant and expecting at the same time! Both of us were elated and shocked since we had been pregnant together before! So I am sitting there and next thing I know I am on the floor and can not get up. I had to have my 3 year get the phone so I could call my husband and have him come home. I had no idea what was going on, but I instantly did NOT feel well. He came home and helped me to the couch where I proceeded to feel worse and painful. THANKFULLY, I had just found out I was pregnant, so I called my OB because I was worried about the baby. (If I hadn’t know I was pregnant, I probably never would have called a dr and just thought I had the flu.) Since I wasn’t bleeding, she thought I probably had the flu, but to keep her posted if I got worse. Well, I got much worse and eventually became unconscious. So, after an ambulance ride to the ER, emergency surgery, and a week in the hospital…I had an ectopic pregnancy that had burst. I am so grateful to the quick thinking of everyone involved who came together to save my life. I was bleeding to death inside and couldn’t have lasted much longer. Dr Brown and Dr Wisnowski saved my life as well as a nurse who constantly rubbed my shoulder while I was having excruiciating pain (a trademark of burst ectopics). Also, during all this, our house was on the market and we were trying to purchase a home in a separate town.

So, basically, I am just saying that I am remembering this day, five years ago. I am remembering a day that I lost a baby who was loved, even if only for a few days, a life that was saved, and all the people involved to save me physically and emotionally. I am grateful for the second chance of life and for the second chance to have another baby. (Not always easy when you only have one fallopian tube left.) On January 11, 2005, we were blessed with a baby girl that I never thought I would have.

Life is short, and family is precious. Make sure you let all those special to you know how much they are loved and appreciated today. You just never know what is ahead of you and if my last day would have been 5 years ago, I know that I hadn’t said all that needed to be said to those I loved.

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