So, my final days of giving were days spent with friends and family. On Friday I spent the evening with my friend Tammy having a girls night out. We had such a great time, but fortunately I was more of the receiver because Tammy treated me for my recent birthday. But, while we were out, I bought a couple shirts and a dress for my kids and a birthday present for my hubby. Saturday we headed up for my nephew’s wedding where I helped to watch my niece’s 3 children while they were all getting ready for the wedding. Then my husband videotaped the wedding and I took some candid shots. Then Sunday was my great-nieces baptism. Since my sister (the grandma) had gotten sick overnight, I took photos and then helped at the house getting all the food ready. Of course gifts were given and lots of hugs and smiles and everyone had a great time. We even took a detour on the way home to watch my husband’s nephew play soccer and win! So, it was a fabulous weekend. Unfortunately, whatever my sister got, several of the rest of us got as well. At least 10 of us have gotten a virus and we have been down and out since Sunday including myself and 2 kids. So, the giving even spread to the sharing of this nasty virus. Anyway, hopefully we will all be on the mend soon, and the giving that was done in the last 10 days will help me realize that I can be a giver every day in some small way if I just look for those opportunities!
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