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Children’s Book Review: It is (Not) Perfect by Anna Kang

Two friends find that the sandcastle they built isn't quite perfect. They get plenty of opinions from friends about what will make their castle perfect.
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Quick Lit: Mini-Reviews of Some Recent Reads – May 2020 Edition

A monthly roundup of mini-reviews of some of my recent reads including fiction and nonfiction.
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Children’s Book Review: Build a Castle by Paul Farrell

Build a Castle features slot-together cards to make your very own castle with numerous designs.
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Book Review: The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey

Two residents of an assisted listed facility have their lives turned upside a long-lost granddaughter that could get them in a heap of trouble.
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Children’s Book Week 2020: Spies, Code Breakers, and Secret Agents by Carole P. Roman

An educational look behind-the-scenes of a spy during WWII including the tactics, tools, and forms of communication used from all sides of the battle front.
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Children’s Book Week 2020: The Big Book of Bling by Rose Davidson

Bling is such a fun word to say and there is lots of bling to be found in our world. From animals to rocks to jewels to wonders of nature, find it all in The Big Book of Bling!
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Children’s Book Week 2020: Cool Math by Tracie Young and Katie Hewett

Cool Math has 50 various math facts explain in easy-to-understand examples for students and adults.
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Children’s Book Week 2020: That’s Good That’s Bad by Joan M. Lexau

That's Good, That's Bad is a reissue of a classic folk tale that teaches a love of storytelling and the sly skill of distraction.
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Children’s Book Week 2020: Lambslide by Ann Patchett

Lambslide is the silly story of a group of lambs on the farm that that they are getting a lambslide and it may take a landslide victory to get the farm to agree.
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Children’s Book Week 2020: All Around Bustletown Spring by Rotraut Susanne Berner

Spring has arrived in Bustletown. Your child can choose a character and follow them through the day. Check out this book and others in celebration of Children's Book Week.
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