I have much to be thankful for this week…my amazing family, friends that make me laugh and bless me every day, good health, a pantry filled with food, a warm home, and co-workers who have helped me beyond measure and kept me sane these last few weeks. I’m especially thankful for the break this week and looking forward to reading!

I’ll be sharing the joy of reading this week with the hashtag #thankfullyreading because I am truly thankful for time to finally read! Check out Instagram or Twitter for the hashtag and see all the great books everyone is reading.

What I am planning to read over these next 5 days:

I have about 35% left in this book. It’s a WWII story based on true events and truly an amazing story. I gave the book to my cousin for her birthday and we’ve been reading it together, but she has already finished it.

I have homework just like my students do. We will be discussing this next week and so I have to read it for the first time just like they do. We will be comparing it to the tragedy of Oedipus Rex. Should be an interesting discussion on Monday.

I’ve read the first two in Correll’s series and really enjoyed them. This is her newest and just came in the mail. I can’t wait to get back in touch with the characters.

Thanks to Jennsbookshelves.com for the way to connect over books this week!

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