Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cream Cheese Frosting Review

I have been reviewing products for BEST CHOICE Brands for the last several months.  I compare their product to a similar brand-name product and offer my opinion on which one is better. They will then be posting my reviews on their site and when they appear, I will share them with you here.  The cool thing is that you will always see my review, whether I choose the brand-name product or the Best Choice product. You are truly getting my HONEST OPINION. You can always see reviews of the Best Choice products from myself and other mom bloggers, by clicking HERE

I am always so excited to open up the box and see what I am reviewing next.   In our area, we can find Best Choice products at Alco stores and smaller independent grocery stores. Since I have been exposed to more Best Choice products, we have added several to our pantry, bumping out the regular brand-name products. Stay tuned for more product reviews from Best Choice. I think you may be surprised by our results.

Cream Cheese Frosting was next up on my list of products to review. I reviewed these products this past spring and there was a clear winner in this taste test. Click HERE to find out who won the Cream Cheese Frosting taste test, Duncan Hines or Best Choice.

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