Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Featured Iowa Blogger

Today I'm the Featured Iowa Blogger at!  

I am so honored to be featured.  Jenni is hilarious and spot on when it comes to thoughts on life! I've read her blog for a long time and am thrilled that she is featuring me today. 

Check out her interview with me.  You just might learn something new about me!

Click HERE to read the interview. 


Becky G said...

Fun to see you as the Featured Iowa Blogger. Pretty sure you know some of my family! (AJ, Eric, Emma, Kaiser) - I'm Eric's sister...and now a new reader of yours :)


Stacie said...

Becky, I had no idea you had a blog! You've got a new reader too! Thanks for stopping by!

Iowa Sunshine said...

I found you through Jenni's blog. I laughed at your iPod shuffle list : ) nice randomness! Enjoy your week!