Monday, April 7, 2014

A Little Monday Inspiration

Today's inspiration comes from a book I just finished and can't wait to tell you about.

"Happiness is a choice. Happiness is contagious.
People of influence know this and spread their happiness like Tinker Bell sprinkles her pixie dust.
Every morning when you get out of bed, 
you can choose to have a positive attitude or a negative attitude."

Joe Schmit, author of SILENT IMPACT and TV Broadcaster 

This book is full of positive stories and life lessons.  This is one of many quotes I could share with you.  I will be reviewing SILENT IMPACT this week and sharing more quotes from the book in the coming weeks. If you can't wait and want to purchase it right now, get Silent Impact

But on this Monday morning, what choice are you going to make?

Are you going to choose to spread happiness or spread frustration? 

Are you going to be positive or negative? 

Are you going to be a Tinker Bell or an Eeyore? 

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