Book Review: Run Yourself Skinny By Michael Thomas

Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting

By: Michael Thomas

Published:  December 21, 2012


If you are like me and LOVE to eat, you have to find something that will combat those calories so they don’t end up on your waistline.  RUN YOURSELF SKINNY is for those who are looking at beginning a habit of running.  By running, you can burn those calories without giving them up!

This book will teach you how to start running, whether you are running outside or inside on your treadmill.  It will show you how to begin running and maintain it so you can make it a habit.  It also offers suggested menus for runners so you are getting the fuel you need.  

The goal of this book is to get you running for 30 minutes as many as 4 days/week.  This is the best way to maximize your weight loss and make significant changes to your health. My favorite tip from the book was, “In the beginning, try to always run farther or faster than the day before.”

When you are beginning a new routine, you need to decide what is going to motivate you.  Your goal is to make running a habit and what is going to motivate you to do that?  This book is full of motivational quotes and ways to keep you on track.  It includes links to charts and printables to keep track of your running as well as your eating.

If you have a goal of running a 5K, then find one coming up in your area and set a goal for yourself to run and finish it.  Then once you do that, set a goal to finish quicker than last time.  This is one way to stay focused and motivated to keep running.

Even though this book didn’t have a lot of new information for me, I did find it to be very encouraging and helped me focus on my own goals with running and exercise.

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