Last month I had the opportunity to review the website, GRAMMARLY.  I had heard of it but never knew how it worked, so I was anxious to learn more about it and give it a try.

GRAMMARLY is a website that offers the service of an automated online proofreader.  It reads through your writing, looking for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.  It is an additional set of eyes but not a replacement for a professional proofreader.

I used GRAMMARLY to proofread some of my recent blog posts/reviews.  It found things like words that were used too often, grammar and punctuation mistakes/suggestions.  I found though that since blog posts are sometimes written more like a conversation, the suggestions don’t really benefit my writing and how I want to get the point across.  But, it did point out repeated words or better ways to phrase the sentence.  I think it offered me the most help when I was writing my book reviews.

I also used GRAMMARLY to check a paragraph our son wrote for school.  I wish I would have had GRAMMARLY when I was in high school and college to be that second set of eyes and offer suggestions.

Once you copy and paste your written material into the box, GRAMMARLY reads through it and identifies the number of issues and what they are.  It details the error, why it is wrong and offers possible corrections for each mistake.  It also allows you to check the text for plagiarism by cross-referencing your text with over 8 billion other web pages.

Once you log onto GRAMMARLY, you will see a box where you can submit your written text.  You will then be shown the details of your proofreading.  To see the specifics you either need to try GRAMMARLY for a trial period or subscribe through the various price options.  There is a seven day free trial period that allows you to try it out and see if this proofread service would really benefit you.  If you decide to subscribe, you can pay anywhere from about $11.66/month to $29.95/month depending on your payment plan.  
I think if I was someone who wrote a large number of papers or if writing was part of my job, the fee would be worth it.  But, for my small little piece of the blogging world, I didn’t really feel like it was an expense that I needed right now.  If I was a teacher, a college student, or wrote book reviews and got paid for them, then I would sign up right away.  It really is a neat website and offers a great service to those of us who sometimes have to think twice about our writing skills. 
To try out GRAMMARLY, check out
I was provided a two-week free trial period to try GRAMMARLY.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review. This review is my honest opinion. 

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