Monday, November 5, 2012

So Thankful - Day 5

Today I am thankful for music.  All of us in our family are music lovers.  Myself and all three of our children play the piano.  The boys play the drums both in their band at school and in a drum group called Sheltered Reality.  I sing in our church choir.  Pat played several instruments during his time in band at school and he relates that to some of the best times of his high school years.  We all love to listen to music.  We may have different tastes in the types of songs we like to listen to, but we can certainly all appreciate all types of music. Music can relax you, excite you, motivate you, and soothe you.  If we didn't have music in our life, the world would be sadly quiet.  Even as I sit here, Pandora is playing one of my favorite playlists, Rick Springfield Radio.  Soon I will be tuned in to Christmas music.  I can't wait!

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