So, I Needed A New Challenge

The month of October is flying by for me.  Is it for you?  October is always crazy for us, but this year it has been especially busy.  Three kids in three different sports/activities with three different schedules, a trip for me, a birthday for me and my husband, subbing, a weekend getaway, and in general…life.  

After completing the 5 Week Exercise Challenge with Peak313, I have totally slacked off.  In the beginning of October I had a cold, it left, then came back along with taking my voice.  I got my voice back and got rid of the cold and now it is back again, with a vengence.  I think it is all these weather changes…cold, rainy, warm, dry…Iowa weather needs to make up its mind!  Excuses…..excuses…..excuses……

So, to get back on track, I have joined a new challenge thanks to my blogging friend, Jenni.  If you need a swift kick in the pants like I do….sign up HERE.


I have decided to commit to 30 miles of running/walking in November.  It may not sound like a lot to most people, but it is more than I would probably do if I didn’t commit.  When I looked at our November calendar and realistically thought about what I could commit to, this was it.  Plus, the more I can push myself to complete the 30 miles is all the more miles to counteract all that delicious food I will be eating this month!

If you just need something to be accountable for, join me.  We can be each others fitness buddy!

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