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There is an expression among even the most advanced runners that getting your shoes on is the hardest part of any workout.

Kathrine Switzer

Isn’t that the truth?  I have found that if I wear my workout clothes to bed (or at least some of them) it is much easier for me to hop on that treadmill in the morning.Having my shoes out, so I nearly need to trip over them helps too!  The point is, whatever you need to do to make sure you get started, do it. Once you start it’s all downhill from there!

photo courtesy of www.kathrineswitzer.com

Kathrine Switzer is best known for becoming the first woman officially enter and run the Boston Marathon in 1967 under the name K.V. Switzer.  Even after a race official tried to remove her, she finished the race.  After much convincing, women were officially allowed to enter and compete in the Boston Marathon, five years later, in 1972.  Switzer was the women’s winner of the Boston Marathon in 1974. Switzer continues to support women’s athletics and running today.

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