Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scenes From Our Week - Week 39

I am sure most of you are thinking what I am thinking....June is gone already?!?!?!  It went by much too fast. There is only about 50 days left until school starts and still so much we want to do.  

One thing that is almost done is our new patio.  Pat has been working hard on it this week and very soon I should be posting photos of the finished product!  

This weekend was our tri-annual Jones Family Reunion.  My maternal grandfather was one of 13 children and the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren of those 13 get together every 3 years.  This year family came from Colorado, Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  It amazes me the amount of family members who travel to Iowa to see each other.  It is a lot of work to coordinate the food, the activities, places for everyone to stay, and setting it all up.  It takes a lot of people and everyone pitches in.  It is so good to see everyone again and the weekend goes by way too fast. 

Cousins:  Patrick, Bennett, and Jensen

Cousins:  Elise and Reagan

Setting up croquet

 My cousin, Angela and her husband Dad led wagon rides throughout the cemetery, and several family properties and shared family history.  That was a huge undertaking for them and was much appreciated by everyone.  I know Reagan took the wagon ride several times!

The best part of family reunions is catching up with everyone!

 We got the kids out of the heat for a bit and hit the hotel pool!  All of these cousins are ages 7-12 and had a blast together!

These photos are of the cemetery where many of our family members are buried.  It is such a peaceful and beautiful place and full of family history.

These horses got a workout this weekend.  I hope they get a special treat when they get home!

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