Porch/Patio Before and After

Last summer we decided it was time to replace the deck that was built by the previous owner.  
After much thought and discussion we decided on a screened-in porch.  
Because the deck was still in good shape, we were able to use the deck supports and build from there.  
After hiring our favorite contractor, Neil, the porch soon came to shape 
and by August, we were enjoying some beautiful summer nights on the porch.  
We even recycled the old decking and used it to build a storage area underneath the deck.
Since we had that lower deck area removed as well, we knew we wanted to do something in that area.  
Pat researched online and drew up ideas, finally coming up with this patio design.  
Since I have been gone so much this summer, I really had minimal input into this patio….
but it is exactly what I would have wanted.  
Pat finished this gorgeous oasis just last week and I just love it.  The plants are perfectly spaced, the water fountain is the perfect touch and the lighting at night has just the right hue.  
Saturday night, I took my glass of wine out to the patio and enjoyed the peacefulness it.  
What a perfect way to end an evening.
In case you are interested, the porch is on the west side of our home, so the plants get a good amount of sun.  
We planted…
– French Lace Weigela along the steps
– Burning Bushes and Boxwoods along the front
– Pentas in the pots
– Miss Kim Lilac along the south border
– Rose bushes on each side of the fountain.
I can’t wait to see their beauty next spring and summer.
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