Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scenes From Our Week - Week 38

I'm posting this late since I was in Nashville all weekend.  I will do a Nashville post soon, but here is what happened in our world last week.

My parents came down last Sunday for Father's Day.  The kids with my dad.

My dad and I

Reagan in good form, ready to hit the ball.

Happy Father's Day to Pat

Some park time on Sunday

Patrick playing catcher

The kids went for a bike ride while I was gone.

I just love these photos Pat took from his phone while they were jumping rope.  

 Bennett even gave it a shot.

Note Bennett's expression in the background! 

Days 29-32 of Summer Vacation will be part of my Nashville post coming later this week.  I had a great time and lots of fun photos to share and places to recommend!

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