Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day #28 of Summer Vacation

All of us have been reading this summer.  Reagan is only one book away from her free book at Barnes and Noble already.  What we are currently reading:

Pat is reading LAST OF THE SEALS by Greg Messel....this yet to be published book will be featured in August as a guest review from my husband!  Stay tuned!

Patrick has been reading the Percy Jackson series and is on THE TITAN'S CURSE by Rick Riordan.

Bennett is reading A BEAR NAMED TROUBLE by Marion Dane Bauer.

Reagan has been reading lots of Junie B Jones books, but has started a new series about Piper Reed.  She is currently on PIPER REED: PARTY PLANNER by Kimberly Willis Holt.

I am reading a book that will be featured this week on my blog titled, YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS A HERO by Maria C. Furlough.  The review will be posted on Thursday.

It fills my heart with gladness that my kids are readers.  That was one thing I wanted for them and I began by reading to them as babies and toddlers.  I love hearing from them, "Mom, that was a great book!" or "Mom, can we go to the library?"  It makes one proud momma!

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