Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Planning Has Begun

After today, there are only 11 days of school left!  I decided I had better get busy on some of my summer planning.  One thing we have always done is count how many days of summer we have.  This summer we have 87 days, which is a lot.  We didn't have very many snow days this year, so that helps!  With 87 days to fill, I decided I better get started on some summer planning.  

I already know that we will be going to ORANGE LEAF as soon as school gets out.  The kids have never been there and I have been holding off taking them until there was a special reason.  It will be a great way to kick off the summer!

Something new I decided to try was a Summer Fun $ Jar.

 After selling some items at the garage sale last week, I thought I would put the money together and save it for something.  This way, if we decide to go bowling or mini golf, we can take the money from the pot.  I also am going to add $5 every time I get a $5 bill in my wallet.  That will also help to grow the pot.  I have also considered using it as a way for the kids do special chores and then money will get added to it.

The next part of summer planning I have yet to get figured out is the Kid's Chores.  I plan to work on that in the coming week.  If I don't incorporate chores into their routine right away, the days will melt into video games and TV watching.  So, stay tuned for a post on Kid's Summer Chores!

How many days of school do you have left?  What are some of your summer plans?

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