The week started off relaxing with Mother’s Day on Sunday.  I was able to find time to take my new Kindle Fire onto the porch and do some reading.  While reading on the porch, we found out we had a new little family living underneath us.

Unfortunately, one of them was found on the ground later in the week and didn’t make it, but the others have left their nest.

The ice cream truck came to town on Sunday night.  I came in the house and told the kids I heard a certain song playing around town…..they knew what it meant.  Is there anything better than hearing that ice cream truck song?

The Pre-Season Little League Tournament started this last week and we had games every night because we kept winning.  But, finally, after 2 losses, we finished on Thursday night with 4th place.  Pretty proud of Bennett and his teammates.

Bennett and the other piano students played at the nursing home on Thursday afternoon.  Unfortunately, Patrick was sick and wasn’t able to perform.  Bennett did a great job!

Yesterday, we went to town to begin the process of picking out bushes and shrubs for our lower patio area.  We found two French Lace Wiegelas that I think will be perfect, so we loaded them into the van.  Then we picked up flowers for Sunday School and School Teachers and Tomato Plants for ourself and two School Teachers.  After lunch at Red Robin, the ride home was a little crowded with all the plants in the van.  It looked pretty funny driving home with the kids surrounded with all the plants.

After we got home yesterday, I spotted Bennett in my usual spot on the porch reading.  *LOVE*

Finally, to update you on my mom, there was no cancer found in the mass in her lung. The doctors will check her again in 2 months to see if there were any changes or growth.  So, we are relieved and can relax and focus on her gaining her strength back.  Thanks for all your prayers.

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