While Mom was in surgery on Thursday, I kept her rings safe.  We are waiting to hear the results of the biopsy tomorrow afternoon.  We are continuing to pray for good news and smooth transition towards healing.

The last soccer games of the season were Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful morning and both boys played well.  Their Aunt Julie and cousin, Zach came out to cheer them on.

On Saturday morning, I learned that a restaurant up at home had burned.  This restaurant was the Town House in West Union and held lots of memories for my family growing up.  Anytime we went to town, my Grandpa J could be found at the Town House sitting on his favorite stool.  We had lots of Sunday breakfasts at the Town House and many, many other meals.  I remember going there for lunch with my dad as well.  It was one of those quaint cafe’s with good, home-cooked food and where everyone that comes in knows each other.  It really, at least when I was growing up, was the hub of the community.  Even though I hadn’t been there in years, I am sad, knowing I won’t be going back.  My Grandpa J even lived in the apartments above the restaurant for years before he bought his house. Since we were actually in West Union for my great-nephew’s graduation party, I was able to snap this photo.

 We spent Saturday afternoon and evening up at my parents.  It was so nice to just be there, relaxing without needing to run somewhere else or be home by a certain time.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I took advantage of it by taking LOTS of pictures of the kids.

Where I grew up

The kids enjoyed climbing around the sand pit on my parents property.

My parents live just outside of a state park and I spent a lot of time in that park when I was growing up.  I loved going up to the lake and feeding the fish and just sitting on the dock.  It is still a beautiful place to be.

I spent many days playing in this snowball bush as a child.  I had to snap this photo of Reagan….memories!

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